Jan. 18 1992 —– April 18 2000

German Shepherd / Cross

We brought Alice in March 1992 she was just 6-8 weeks old

and a little bundle of fur. When we got her home she never used her legs for the

first few weeks as I carried her around with me you see she had come into our

lives at a very delicate time.

We had just lost our tiny unborn son Daniel and having Alice around

was a slight distraction from all the pain,and then when there was pain she

always used to sit on my lap and lick my tears from my cheeks.

I know all dogs are attentive but Alice was so switched on to how I was feeling

and never left my side when I needed her.

Over the years we spent as much time with her as we could and always

holidayed in this country so not to leave her behind.

In 1994 I gave birth to my daughter Jordan and when we brought her

home Alice was like a big mother hen,she laid herself under the crib and would

growl at anyone except me and my husband who went near her,

very protective and that never changed.

As Jordan got bigger she dressed Alice up and sat on her but always

loved her very much as we all do.

A few short weeks ago was the last time we took Alice to the park and

she ran around like a nut case all bouncy and happy we were unaware

then it would be the last time she would chase her ball Or of the

devastation we were soon to feel.

She got up one day and seemed to have no energy after a few days

we were worried and so took her to the vet who said not to worry

it could just be a hormone inbalance or something else easily put right.

She took blood and gave her an injection and sent us home saying she was

sure she would be better soon.

She wasn’t and after more blood tests and x-rays that showed nothing she

was referred to the specialist.

Once there they ran an ultrasound ((sonogram))of her abdominal area

and more hormone tests. Still nothing.

So we came home and they decided to take her into our own vets and put

her on a drip and monitor her,as she was dehydrated by then.

When they still had no clue 2 days later it was decided to send her back to the

specialist for bone marrow tests we brought her home for the weekend

and I am so glad we did,its the last time she was here.

On the Monday,we took her to the specialist and by then she was not wanting to

walk and had been wetting herself I knew deep down it was bad and was so

upset as the vet examined her.

Then he hit us with awful news,her legs seemed to be all over the place

and she wasn’t responding the way she should be to things he thought she

had a brain tumor blocking the messages but told us not to panic as there

are plenty of these that can be operated on.

They were going to take her for a brain scan at the local human hospital t

he next day.

On the Wednesday morning I got a phone call from them saying it was

as bad as could be she had a massive tumor in the centre of her brain

and there was no way they could do anything for her as she was going

downhill rapidly could we hurry and get there to end her pain.

We did,we rushed there on the worse journey you can imagine and were shocked

at how bad she now looked. Our 6 year old daughter and my sister hugged her

and said goodbye then waited outseid whilst we told her how sorry we were

and how much we love her then I told her it was time for her to go be with

our son Daniel again and let him take care of her.

The vet then came in and gave her the injection that took her from us.

I just laid my head on her and sobbed I want her back so bad,but it was a very

quiet and peaceful end which is what she deserved.

She must have been in some pain the last few weeks with her head

but never once did you ever no it,she is my brave little girl.

Now we are having her cremated on her own and her ashes buried

in a beautiful place called “Willow Haven” where we can visit her anytime,

she has a plaque and a pretty plant which is what she deserves to have.

She was more than just our dog she took care of us and got us through

some awful times will never get used to her not being here,it is very lonely

without her and all seems so unreal.

I love and adore my precious Alice and hope wherever she is

she knows I wish she were here.