Alley Cat by Mom and Dad / Alley Cat

Her name was Alley. She had eyes so wide and
green and hair as black as coal. I name her
story Silence is broken because she could not
tell us how sick she was, but somehow we new
something was wrong. Our beloved cat of 16
years went to the vet to have her teeth
checked and never came home alive.

Once we had x-rays done and an oral examination
she was diagnosed with small cell carcinoma of the tonsils. She was terminal and did not have long to live. We had to makea difficult decision without any time to take in what we had just learned. A year and a half earlier we had to make the same decision for our other cat “Ceasar” who was in liver failure and now we face the same horrible day all over again with our Alley. We did not want her to suffer and if we held on, we knew she would. My regret is that I was not there when she took her last breath. I could not watch her die. She was under anesthesia and while she was asleep the vet ended her life. I cannot take it back. I have to live with the decision I made to not be there. I can’t stop crying.

I miss her and When my husband picked her up and brought her home we had to put her in her final resting place. I had recently bought her a beautiful pink bed and there she will always be with her two favorite toys. I will buy her a headstone because she deserves to be remembered everyday and her grave will be
marked forever with our love.

To Our Beloved Alley Cat
we Love You and Miss You.
Mom and Dad


Cherished Always,
Alley Cat
Mom and Dad