Alpha by Karey / Mumma

This is the third time you’re appearing on this site, my dear Alpha. You lit up my life on Christmas day, 1989, the best Christmas present I’ve received so far.

You would jump on my bed, and sit on my chest and purr to get me up for school every day. When I came home, you always ran to greet me. You weren’t always a good baby. You stole Auntie Jen’s steak and ran off with it. Despite these naughty episodes, you gave me such joy and love… who could stay angry with you?

In 2003, you had gotten sick. First, it was a hyper-thyroid. You didn’t want your medicine, but you got it anyway. Of course, you weren’t too happy with that. Going to the vet every couple of weeks didn’t make you much happier, either. Then, in 2004, your age began to catch up with you. Kidney Failure.

You were losing weight, but you were still being called “Fat Cat.” You became a little more silent and withdrawn. You weren’t showing much interest in anything. You were finding new places to hide.
You became anemic.

The day after your observed 15th birthday, I went to visit you at the animal hospital. You were being treated for dehydration for the second time. You just weren’t yourself. A painful decision was made. I have never felt such heartbreak and sadness before.
But I knew it was the right thing to do.

I’m continually coming across pictures of my “Fat Cat,” and am posting them around the house, on my desk at work, and on this website. Although, with every day that passes, and including the passing of Auntie Jen’s sheltie, Tobi, I feel myself getting better.

You cannot, and never will be replaced, my dear Alpha. I know that you are in a much better place now. Fat, healthy, sleeping in the sunlight, and doing all the things you want to do. When my time comes, I am certain you will be waiting and purring for me, just like so many times before.


Until We Meet Again,