Spottty by Lee Clarke / Mum, Dad Hal & Leo X X X X

Many years ago on a Saturday he ran out in front of our car he was a homeless dog half starved, thirsty and poorly. We took him to the vets and made sure he was OK.

He was supposed to be going to the dogs home on the Monday but everyone fell in love with him and he stayed. We thought we had better give him a name we decided on Spotty, but Hal and Leo decided it would be nicer and different if we spelt it Spottty.

We always called him our Spottty dog,even though he only had one spot of white fur on his chest.

Spottty was our lovely dog for eleven years, we never knew his age or where he came from and no one ever claimed him as theirs which was lucky for us.

We all loved him very much, he went every where with us and loved coming on our camping and caravan holidays, he always found the comfiest part of the settee to sleep on and liked to snuggle. He enjoyed nice dinners and sitting in the garden in the Summertime.

It all came so suddenly when Spottty left us;
he had been a bit off colour and the vet thought it was the start of life in the slow lane for Spottty. It was never meant to be, because that night when we all went to bed Spottty laying in his favourite place underneath mum’s bed went to sleep and never woke up.Its a very sad time for everyone as he was such a good faithfull friend to us all. We all miss him and love him very much,he was such a big part of our life.

But he went peacefully and we are blessed to be left with such wonderful memories. A big hug and a kiss from all of us.


Till we meet again,good night Spottty babe,we all love and
miss you very much,our little darlin
Lee Clarke