Alvin by Holly / Love you so much,

Your mommy

Well it started when I was about four my mum had a guinea pig who was pregnent; the next day she gave birth to 6 new born babies. The mum gave birth to so many babies she just couldn’t cope so she died when she gave birth. Four of the babies didn’t manage to live so there was only two left so I took care of them like they were mine. I fed them milk and every day I would go and sing to them but a couple of days later one of them died; it was sad, but I still had the one I loved so I
carried on looking after it.

I named him Alven. I brade him like he was mine. if only our love could last on forever. One day we moved house I put him in a little barn; he was so used to sleeping my side but when we took him to the little barn in the garden we thought he liked it then it was time for me to start school so i couldn’t see him as often, but one day I came home
I went to see him.

He was in a corner by himself; he was cold; he would not eat or drink; He did not like the barn but we still had our old home so we took him back there. The next day I came home from school to feed him, he was laying in his cage dead. I burst into tears as soon as I saw him. I knew it was time to let him go. If only I left him where he was. He will always be in my heart dear Alven. I am 11 now and I still miss him loads. I love you so much if only you were here with me.


Plz be with me my dear boy,