Sticky-Beak by Tessa Lyons / Mummy

I had Sticky for only roughly 6 months, but it felt like forever.He was my best friend I could ever have, and I let him down. It was a normal weekend day, I was on the computer and Sticky was in my room, the cage door was open a little, and the cat was roming, however I didn’t no at this time. Then I put her in my room, as she jumped up on the table, she was annoying me, so I put her in my room.I completely forgot Sticky was in my room,the cat was asleep on my bed, until, Sticky must of got out of his cage trough the cage door that was open only a little, I thought all was fine until, I heard a horrible screech. I knew imediatly something was wrong, i raced in only to find the cat running for her life, and sticky on the ground, with a hurt wing, My gramps said, theres no point taking him to a vet, the wing will only heal by itself, the real problem is
if it was infected.

All through that night, I knew something wasn’t right, and that in the moring, I wasn’t goig to find a chirpy bird sitting on a perch as usuall… I had terrible dreams about Sticky all night.

In the moring, I woke up,to find, Sticky, with his claws clinged to the bottom of the cage. Dead. His nose had blood on it. I knew this would happen. I knew it wasn’t just a broken wing. I knew he couldn’t be helped. He had died during the night, possibly in pain, he was very brave. I will miss you Sticky! My beautiful Little Lutino Budgie!


With Love for you,
Tessa Lyons