Angel and Minstral by Sue Hemmings / Mum XXXXX

Angel `my teeny weeny brown` dalmatian, died aged about 18 years on Feb 11th 2006, she was, like all my others, a rescue dog, a little waif who came nd took up a place in my heart. Angel had become old and frail and took to her bed some six months before her death, but during that time, still raised her ears and wagged her tail, ate her dinners and enjoyed watching the other 22 dalmatians at play, she was of course spoiled rotten and waited on hand and foot, borrowed time sums up her last few months, but with the determination that only a daly has, she, like all of my others would not leave a day to soon. Her passing was restful peaceful and beautiful, she went off with a whole packet of Smackos, to share, on the other side, with the dogs of my family that had gone before, God Bless you, you were as your name, and Angel, everyone who met her, loved her and
wanted to take her home.

Tragically, just one week later, Minstral my big Big Brown dalmatian, suddenly collapsed. he went to bed his usually self , but on the following morning it was obvious he was dying. The vet suspected a massive internal bleed and we had to let him go there and then. We were devastated so soon after losing Angel, Minstral was a big deaf boy who we joking said, the lights were not all on upstairs, he whistled like a kettle and had some bizarre behavior, which later developed into senility, but he coped and was as well as could be expected right up until the end. Still can not believe he was taken so very quickly, and I miss them both so very much, as I do the others who they have gone now to join.
Poppy Perdy and Plod.

Play nicely together my babies, and wait for all of your brothers and sisters, and of course me. every time one of you passes over, a tiny peace of me dies too.
Love you…always XXXX MumX XXX


My wonderful dalmatians
Angel and Minstral
11, Feb 2006
Sue Hemmings