Onyx by Kalantar Family / Love,


Oh Onnie Lou, You were the sweetest girl ever. I am so sorry for not watching you more closely. As strong as you were, you were no match for a hunk of speeding metal. I don’t know who the man was that walked up the drive in the dark, but I knew why he was there, I knew what he was going to say and he said it. Cookie was barking of course, and Little Ping was safe and secure on his Longe Line. Thank you for sparing him from the snarly jaws of those coyotes. As fearless as you were, you were just as loving, even to the cat and the parrot, and how delighted you were with the new 3 lb. Japanese Chin puppy.

Maybe you are chasing the coyotes now, or the horses. Sweeney was the best to chase because he chased you too. Nothing better than stomping hooves and pinned ears. The man in the dark sat with you on the asphalt, gently stroking you. I could not come, no way, no how. I am sorry, but he comforted you as I called the vet. You made it to the vet, but you didn’t make into the office. Your last breath was in the back of a brand new white truck. I’m so sorry. You were dearly loved. Love Mommy


I am so sorry. You will be so missed.
3, Mar 2006
Kalantar Family