Angel by Paige / Hammy Momma(Aka Paige)

Angel was my first hamster. I bought her at a Pet Depot. She came home.. We became best friends right there and then! When I got home, I’d put on my shirt with a pocket on the chest, and set her in it. She’d sit there watching me as I did my homework, sleep in my pocket while I watched TV, and I walked around the house with her in my pocket! I took her cage outside on nice days so she could watch me ride bike or swing. I could put her on a table and she would look at me, and try to go to me again. She was my baby!

She went through a war. I accidentally dropped her 2 times, her rolling ball got kicked on accident, and she got out with my cats. But wasn’t hurt a bit! One day I went into my room to get her out, I reached to touch the small body, cold and stiff.. Lifeless! My poor baby was DEAD! I started crying and screaming “DAD! ANGEL’S DEAD!” It was so blurred from my crying he couldn’t understand me. I called my mom crying still and she sighed.. I’ve had 2 hamsters since then, not one even close to being like my baby girl Angel.. but I’ll never
forget my main girl, Angel.


Loving Always,