Angel by Robin

No ordinary Angel

When I first saw you
I knew you were special
So very tiny and so very beautiful.
Immediately you gave me
your trust and affection
And became at one with my soul.

When you became ill I cried for you
And prayed for your recovery;
God gave you back and not just once;
He knew we needed you.

You became the most
spoiled rat in the world
And deserved every bit of it.
When Gabby and then Hope arrived
Your place in my heart didnÆt change.

You lived longer than we expected Angel
And every extra day was special to us;
When you slept for the last time
It broke my heart
But I knew you needed the peace.

Maybe now Josh has his
very own Angel to look after him
And I know you will have
a special place where you are.
I will see you again Angel
and while I am still in this world
Your memory will remain
as a beacon of Love.



7, June 2001