Lucky {JJ} by Ashley

Put your resting head next to mine there will be no more dread
I’ve got you in my arms with
your glowing eyes staring at me
My dog why did you have to go
to the white heavens above
Where I would not see you for so long.

Day by Day I think Of YOU waiting
for your answer true.
Will you be there when things go bad
when dread and horror seem
all that I’ve had
will you awakin for me in your
soft bed with me holding your paw

Thinking no more dread My sleepless nights are over knowing that my broken heart will mend again when my mother told me you were put to sleep and would never wake again. My tears were held back and my heart fell and I felt so alone why oh why did you have to go.

With memories like we had on my heart like A refrigerator they will stay like my JJ.



Lucky {JJ}
13, June 2001