April 23 1988 —– April 4 2001

Black Toy Poodle

Things I’ll always remember…the way Angelique would…

Tilt her head back and forth when she was listening to you.

Try to bite Andre’s tail when he was chasing the ball.

Sit happily while Andre licked her ears.

Jump all over me and lick my nose in the morning.

Check to see if I was asleep and sit down next to me on the bed.

Push the door open and come to greet me in the morning in the bathroom.

Sit in the bathroom the whole time I was getting ready in the morning.

Play with a hair on the rug and swallow it like a cat.

Sit at the 1st landing of the stairs and

stick her head through the railing to see outside.

Stand on me in bed and scratch with her paw when she wanted water.

Stand on the end of the sofa and scratch

when she wanted to be put down orlifted up.

Wipe her face on the rug or all over my clothes after eating.

Bark at the dogs she saw on tv.

Climb up on the white leather sofa and

sit on top of it all day to see the front & backyard.

Clean up every crumb she could find in the house.

Sneak up on Andre and steal his bone pieces as he broke them up.

Growl at Andre when she was sitting with me and

he wanted to come up on the sofa.

Run to the arm of the sofa and bark out the window in the family room.

Go flying off the sofa to see what Andre was barking about.

Bite at Andre as they walked down the street together.

Play / fight with Andre when I was preparing their food.

Be so happy to see me when I came home from work.

Wag her tail and her whole backside would

wiggle as she went down the street.

Look so cute all wet after getting a bath

but hate to have her hair combed or nails clipped.

Be so happy being home after a full day of grooming.

Leave little surprises on the red carpet in the dining room.

Leave wet spots on the throw rugs in the family room.

Run up to strangers on the street just to say Hi.

Hate having her paws wiped when she came in wet.

Sleep with Andre in a sunny spot in the dining room.

Run out the door in Lambeth Riding and

stop at the edge of the pool rather than go in the grass.

Hate getting wet and swim right to the steps of the pool and get out.

Hold out her paw from the edge of the pool

so she could ride on the float with me.

Climb upstairs to see what I was doing

even if I was only gone for a few minutes.

Love to sit in front of me on my lap and

love to have her chest and back scratched.

Slap me in the face with her paw when

she wanted me to scratch her some more.

Want to sleep under the bed in the summertime where it was cooler.

Want to sit on my lap the minute I sat down anywhere.

Explore every inch of new surroundings.

Wag her tail when she was lying down and

turn on her back so you would scratch her belly.

Have to put her paws and face on the table when sitting on my lap.

Sit up on my lap at the table and listen to everything everyone was saying.

Stretch with her backend up in the air and

then stretch out one back leg at a time.

Sit like a little sphinx with both legs stretched out behind her.

Bark if I said “uh oh” or “who’s there”.

Bark and go running when she heard the doorbell on tv

(or a bell on a game show).

Sit on the arm of the loveseat so she could see me

in the laundry room or powder room.

Pant when she was happy like she was saying ha ha ha ha.

Sniff Andre and then snort like he didn’t smell good.

Put her paws through the armholes of her sweater all by herself.

Hate getting her paws wet or snow on them.

Hate having her ears cleaned but be happy after it was over.

Climb up on blankets or pillows on the sofa

so she was sitting as high as she could.

Kick her legs real hard after going to the bathroom pretending

she was covering it up.

Run up the driveway with her ears flopping.

I’ll always remember.

Her cute little head and big eyes,

Her tiny nose and little underbite,

Her fat little belly,

The warts all over her in recent years,

Her stinky ears that always needed cleaning,

Her nails wouldn’t grow right.

Her cool breath on my face,

The bottom of her paws smelled like stinky leather shoes.

How much she loved everyone and would run up to people

just to say hi and run back to me,

How happy she was to see me come home from work every night,

How happy she was to see me when she woke up every morning.

….you can’t ask for more love than that….

I named you right….you were a “little Angel”