Angus by Lisa & Jim / Lisa & Jim

Angus, we tried to save you…we did everything we could. We did not want to let you go, but we knew the time had come. We love you and will miss you terribly.
Something is missing
There is something missing in our home,
No wagging tail when I get home,
No one to greet me and to give me a kiss,
I feel so empty and it’s him that I miss,
An empty bowl left on the floor,
An empty collar hung beside the door,
A lifeless leash without the pull,
Everything seems to be standing so still,
My life has changed in an instant or two,
My heart is broken but what can I do?
I’ll never understand why this had to be,
He was so special and loved by my family and me,
I knew the end was coming near,
I knew that soon I’d have to face my fears,
But little did I realize how hard this would be,
To lose something so precious to me,
I held him so tight as his light grew dim,
Something is missing… and that something is him.

Written by Lisa MacNeil


24, Sep 2002
Lisa & Jim