Angus by The Jackson Family / Pam & Jeff

We adopted Angus from a liter of pups that a stray dog had under my sister’s barn. I fell in love instantly; it took about 6 months for before Jeff fell head over hills in love. He was our first “child”. He followed us through every move, he endured and obeyed every rule. What a smart boy he was.

His loves where going to the off leash dog park, going on family walks, and he thought his other name was cookie.

I knew he was aging but I didn’t expect it to hit us all so hard. I have guilt for not walking him enough, and not spending more time with him. I have sadness over so many things and the tears just don’t seem to subside. I miss him so much!

On the way to the vet, just before he died, I sat in the back of the car with him and confessed my guilt and my sadness. I gave him permission to let go and to sleep; I stroked him and massaged him until he died in my arms. I wept. He was then taken into the vet and put on a cold table all alone where he was to be taken by mere strangers and creamated. I feel guilt for not having planned his death better.

I pray for healing and the joyful memories to give me peace. I thank God for the Grace He showed, that he did not suffer and I was there with him when he exited this world.


You have left paw prints on our hearts,
The Jackson Family