annabelle by Laura Casper / mommy

We first got Annabelle at the age of 7 weeks. She was such a plump little white furball with her beautiful blue eyes gazing at you. She was an absolute joy in my life. My first little girl. She was also deaf which made her even more special. We did everything together. She was a mommy’s girl. Then on January 25, 2003 we went to get something to eat and left the dogs at home. They had free roam of the house except
for the puppy Charbray.

About fifteen minutes after leaving our home a fire had taken over the kitchen. From what the neighbors tell me there was alot of smoke. Annabelle and her brother Holstien were found together on the livingroom couch. Neither one of them was concious.

The volunteers did CPR on both of them and were able to bring back holstien, but Annabelle was not able to be saved. This was the saddest day of my life. I had lost my baby girl and tonight being the one year anniversary of the deadly fire we remember and cherish the memeories we have of her during her short life. Annabelle we will always love you.


Always loving and missing you,
Laura Casper