Midnight by Sharon Mueller / Mommy

5 Month ago, my Midnight was taken from me. But, I have found this wonderful website, where people listen to my stories no matter how many times I tell them. Recently, while visiting my sisters website, I came across the photo of our family and under the photo is said, sister Sharon and husband Jerry with Fur Baby Midnight.
I have decided that just sounded so right.

I remember the day we brought our Fur Baby home, walking into the house and the people opening the door and these toddlers came running in and right behind them where 4 of the cutest puppies I ever saw. And my husband pointed to my Fur Baby, and right away I knew she was my Midnight.

Riding home the whole time on my lap and hardly moving, so scared. That first night I remember not having a crate yet and having to shut the door to our room, and how in the middle of the night we where awoken to this bark, and looking we could not see a thing and then realized our Midnight was sitting at the end of the bed barking at her own image and how we had to get up and cover the mirror.

You where the most perfect dog,
friend and companion in the world and
I will miss you with all my heart.


With all my Love,
Sharon Mueller