Annie by George Stowe & James Bodnar / George & Jimmy

Annie was a little puppy that was brought into a shelter by her owner to be put up for adoption. Since the shelter was overcrowded and she was so small they were going to put her to sleep the next day.I stopped by the shelter and asked the policeman about the little pup that just sat quietly with her paw up looking for help as I walked by. He told me that the vet was on her way to put her to sleep, but she was late due to an emergency. I took one last look at her and I was hooked.I brought her home and she was the best dog I ever had. She could always tell what you were thinking, never had to be spoken to twice. Never on a leash, stayed in her own yard always. Even when she became ill at 4 yrs old she kept going for the next 6 years with the help of our vet and many other doctors.

Annie you meant so much to us, everyone loved her so much
and she loved us all.
You’re forever in our hearts.


Love forever,
George Stowe & James Bodnar