Max by Lisa

Well my mom was taking me to the animal shelter to adopt a cat for my early birthday present and there was this family of baby kittens who were found in a abandon house and who had lost there mother and so my mom said pick one, so I looked and held a few but there was this one he was the runt of the family. I knew this cause he was the smallest and because the other kittens were grey and he was orange.

I picked him up and he jumped out of my arms but he was ok. Then I said mom I want this one there was something about him I knew I would love him. As my mom was signing the papers he started to climb her leg it was funny. Well after we were on our way home and he was all settled down and resting and was pretty nervous, then my mom asked me what am I going to name him. I said I’m not too sure yet. So we got home and I still didn’t have a name for him so I looked at him closely and I said Max im going to name him Max.

Well that was his name and that’s how every knew him as Max. Everyone loved him dearly but then 19 days later my brothers had to fool around and do as they were told not to run around a slam doors. Max sadly got a door closed on his anck and got his neck broken. I Cried hard for hours and hours 2 days long I couldn’t go to school so I stayed home and all I did was cry that day (a day after the incedent)

My dad took me out and I got a new kitten his name is Junoir and I love him just as much as Max but Max will always be loved a bit more. Max will always be in my heart and i know he’s waiting for me in heaven right now hes my little angel, R.I.P Max.

With Love from all
those whom loved you,

Love your Mommy