Apache by Agathe / Agathe

Hey Apache,

This is for you, and also for Jackie’s Apache. How wonderful is it that you connected us through this pain. I am so happy to know that there was another Apache that meant to her what you meant to me. I still miss you like crazy, and always will. Sometimes I feel you so near, like whe Nika’s walking through the kitchen on the tiles,
the sound reminds me of you.

Mark and I adopted Nika after you left our physical world, and even though she’s not like you. I feel her love and your’s, too. I think you’re happy that we adopted a dog; she really needed a loving home ’cause she had a rough start in life. It was hard to bond with her at first because I felt that I was deceiving you, but I have so much love to give, and I love her too. You are irreplaceable, though, and
I wouldn’t want her to replace you.

You are Apache and your space in my heart will always be. Apache, I love you, and to Jackie and all the others who’ve lost their best friend, know that they are always with you. I hope you are playing with all your friends and that you are happy.


Apache, I love you.