Ashley Tyner Carroll by Debi / Mommy , Daddy ,Astro & family

Ashley is the one on the right with her son Astro. I had told my Daughter No more Pets. But she brought her home anyway. But then I saw her.I fell in love.She was such a good dog. She became one of the family. We didn’t see her as a dog, but as one of us. On christmas day she had baby’s. We were up all night christmas eve. Thats where we fell in love with one of her baby’s. We kept him and named him Astro. So for 10 years they were always together.

When our kids got married and moved out, they became my children. She was going to be 13 June 10. She got sick so fast. We are going to miss her so much. Astro is lost without his mommy. There is a hole in our hearts, I hope will heal in time.


Miss you baby Ashley
Ashley Tyner Carroll