Buster Fred by Leslie, Brad and Shelby Dillon / Momma

Buster Fred was born on July 3, 1991. He was a July baby like me. He was given to me when he was a little over a year old. The family was never
home and wanted someone who had time to play with him. He was so much fun to hide and watch. You could see his mind working on whatever problem faced him. He had a personality all his own. He gave the best Hugs and kisses in the world. Buster had a major chocolate fetish. I know chocolate is bad for dogs and I never gave it to him. But there were a few times he took
matters into his own paws. The first time he got into the refrigerator and ate a Jello pudding cup and stuffed it under the couch. Then he pushed
the kitchen chair over to the book case and ate a bag of Hershey’s Hugs. The last is Christmas a few years ago when he climbed on the table and ate my Mothers fudge.Thank God it never made him sick, he didn’t appreciate the foil from the Hugs but he got over it. He also liked to dance to
his own music. He would be out in the yard just getting down until he caught you looking. When I married Brad and his daughter. Buster became an instant part of the family. He loved kids always. Shelby was 9 then, and from the first moment he met her she was his. He was always close
to her. You just couldn’t help but love him. We lost him the day after her 11th Birthday. We lost him to cancer. It was so fast he started
acting funny so I took him to the vet. Within two days he couldn’t hold his head up. Dr. Austin tried but there was nothing he could do. Buster Died in my arms I wouldn’t let him go with strangers. I wanted the last thing he saw
to be me. I was so bad I made Dr. Austin cry. I love him so much he was the only child I had until Shelby. It’s hard to go home and not have him there. The house is missing something. His love. We love you Buster. I would give anything to hug him one more time.


Love you precious boy.
Buster Fred
Leslie, Brad and Shelby Dillon