Atlas by Doug & Mary Coons / Mom and Dad

I remember the first time we met,
And how you became more to me,
than just a pet.
You were like the son,
that I never had,
And I loved you
with the heart, of a grateful dad.

Yesterday your crippled body,
from pain found it’s release.
As my tears began to fall,
I knew the moment you found peace.
My dear Atlas how I love you so.
How it broke my heart my son,
to have to let you go.
Your final days I saw your suffering,
my heart sank and broke,
You beared the burden of your pain,
as an oxen bears his yoke.

I stayed right there beside you,
right up til the end,
To bid a final farewell to my true and loyal friend.
One day up in Heaven, again we shall meet,
And our reunion will be forever sweet.
In loving memory of our son Atlas (1990-2003)


A Loving Tribute to Atlas Von Krughaus,
17, Mar 2003
Doug & Mary Coons