Attica by Mommy & Tyler

My Attica

My friend so faithful dear and true
How do I go on without you?
The pain is so deep
my heart broken crushed
My love and agonizing cries
never to be hushed
I still can see you
I still call your name
My life has changed and
will never be the same.

You do not come running
when I pull in the yard
Oh my baby girl did you know saying
goodbye would be this hard?
We shared so much warm summer days
rolling in the grass
God was just one more to much to ask?

I was blessed the day you adopted me
No truer devotion had
ever joined my family.
They say we will meet again
at the rainbow bridge someday
They say you will greet me
and show me the way

That is the only comfort
I have my friend.
I know we have to say good bye
it hurts so much
Some day we will be together
never to part again.

Your Mommy and Tyler


12, June 2001
Mommy & Tyler