Zezel by Karen

ItÆs been a whole year
without you by my side.
A year since I have walked
with you in the park.

It has been a year since
you have looked into my eyes
Greeted me at the door
or slept next to me in my bed.

It has been a year since
you covered me with your kisses
Or played with me stayed with me
itÆs been a long year.

ItÆs been a whole year since
youÆve been in my life
And the days have sometimes
dragged by without you.

It has been a year since
you have rubbed up against me
Or talked to me and even a
year since weÆve cried.

I will never forget our last day together
the last hours that we spent.
We walked and talked;
we played and kissed hugged and petted.
You were always my protector
my strength and my confidence.

I miss you and not a day goes bye
without thoughts of you in my mind.
Why you had to go away from me so soon
I will never understand.

ItÆs been a long year
a year without you in my life.
Although I have visited you many times
spoken to you and left you flowers.
(They arenÆt very masculine
but I didnÆt think youÆd mind.)

Your memory lives within my heart
and those of the lives of which
you were a part
Your collar hangs from the rearview mirror;
and your pictures around the house.
I have not forgotten you my protector
and it has been a long long year.

kcb 4-26-01

For Zezel



26, April 2000