Augustus by Sharon Conforto / Sharon & Bob


You were a fuzzy snowball on a hot summer day.
We brought you home amidst a waiting
reception of hopeful faces.

You were one of us so soon,
our friend and love.
Your Felicia accepted you as her own.

You were our protector.
You made us feel secure
as you watched over your precious yard.

You touched our hearts with your
sweet, kind, & loving soul.
Your regal beauty always made us proud.
You were truly one of God’s wonderful creatures sent to fill a special place in our hearts that will never be filled the same way again.

We miss your grunts, yawns,
and heavy head on our laps.
We remember the way you leaned
against those you loved.

You were taken from us too soon
and without notice to really say goodbye.
We thank God for your short gift
of life and love he gave to us.
We will always love you,
Our Augustus.


With Love Always,
21, Nov 2005
Sharon Conforto