Aussie by Heather Mattes / Heather

Nearly sixteen years ago a special angel came into our lives. His name was Aussie and he arrived in a Life cereal box. The little ball of light gray feathers soon became an integral part of our family–joining us for dinner(beans and cheerios were favorites), whistling a greeting when we entered the room, and snuggling under our chins. Our little cockatiel was loved by so many, and he returned the love ten times over. Aussie was so willing to sit quietly on your shoulder gently nibbling your ear or preening your cheek. His wolf whistle would make even the darkest day bright and cheery, and he always knew just
how to listen without judging.

Visitors to our home were always welcomed with a happy hello and a lowered head for a good scratching. He just loved people!! Every room in our house had a special place for him to sit, and he enjoyed just being out with the family he so adored. His “mountain”(a specially constructed towel covered cushion propped up against a big mirror) was his favorite place to sit and admire himself. Aussie will always be in our hearts as we remember all the joy and love he brought to all who were blessed to have known him. We love you Angel Bird.


With Love to Our Special Angel,
Heather Mattes