by EJ / Big Sister

It seemed just like a short time we had him, he was so adorable, prancing around like a love struck puppy. He went through alot in his years with us. We always were moving and never had a permanent home. He lost his right eye one year in a fight over a female with his best buddy, Furoshus, my grandpa’s dog. One year when we lived in Georgia, a neighbor’s dog came over to play with my little boston terrier and got tangled up in the chain, and it choked Rocky.

I got up out of bed and ran outside crying when my dad told me about it. I was about 11. Rocky’s eyes were blood shot, his tongue was blue, and I was scared. But even though we had some hard times, I always remember the good times when I would sit outside with Rocky and tell him about my problems, and such.

I miss him dearly. Rocky taught me everything. How to be strong, and hold on in the bad times, when he lost his eye he acted as if he didn’t. He always loved everyone. He was the best dog anyone could have, he was my hero. If I could have any wish in the world, it would be to have my baby brother back. Rocky will always live on in my heart. I cant wait till I get to see the day when I walk through the pearly gates, and see him standing there waiting for me, just as he would when I would get home from school. I would wrap him in my arms and tell how much I love him.


Rocky by EJ / Big Sister

I remember when I first held you up
of course you were only just a pup.
I held you in my arms and said,
“I love you Rocky” then I pat your head.
Ss the years went by we grew closer together,
two peas in a pod, two birds of a feather.
Until one day I went outside
the front stairs you were beside,
I called your name. You didn’t respond.
From that moment I knew to heaven you went on.
I don’t know why God took you away.
How I wish you could have stayed,
but now I know as clear as wind
He needed another angel friend.
Now that you are gone yet not in my heart
I remember your trueness and how you were smart.
I remember everything you taught me in life.
How to be strong, be loyal, be wise.
One day I will see you again
then we can live forever as two angel friends.
Until that day comes, all I can wait for is time
when I wrap you in my arms, your heart against mine.