Sellabell by Kat McLendon / Mommy Kat

Dearest Sellabell,

I love you. I’m so sorry I couldn’t bury you with your family. I know you would have wanted me to do everything I could to save them from the same illness that stole your life even if that meant sending your body away. I miss you so much and more than anything I wish I could have given you the burial you deserved, but even though your body isn’t here, you still are in my heart. I love you so much Bell.


Keo by Kendra McLendon / Kat

Keo was a very sweet little girl. She went to join her father, Solomon, in heaven not long before her first birthday. She always loved her daddy and I suppose she wanted to spend her birthday with him. She is very missed and will always have a very special place in my heart. She was one of my first babies and I’ll never forget the first time I saw her and her two littermates just after their birth. I knew the second I saw her that she would be a very special part of my life.


Solomon by Kendra McLendon / Kat

Willow” 12-13-2004

Under the willow he lies,
Feeling no pain,
But the willow,
He cries.

He knows the joy,
That was lost from this world.
My sweet little Soli.
My dear little boy.

His body was cold,
As heaven took him,
But his love gave warmth.
His heart was gold.

The dear willow,
He cries,
And often I join him,
I just have to, you know.

Shawn Aaron Atreyu

Dedicated to Soli, always loved, never forgotten.

“No More Rainbows” 12-30-2004

They say there is no rainbow
Without rain,
But the same is true without sun.
My sun is gone,
So though it rains,
The rainbow can never come.

Shawn Aaron Atreyu

Dedicated, of course, to Soli.