Vagabond by Dawn & Lee / Vaga

Hi Mom, I imagine the quiet is very loud right now without me there Meowing.I just have a little something to say to you and Dad. Thank-you, I Love You. I was so sick and afraid when I found you. I was beyond desperate and didn’t think I was going to make it. But you found me. Even with a house full of dogs you took me in. You bathed and fed me and got me medical care. You gave me shots and special food everyday. But more importantly you gave me love. That is why I meowed nonstop. I was so grateful & I was saying, Thank-you, I Love You, Thank-you, I Love You over and over again. I’m here with other Furbabies you have loved. Mike, Ruby and Granma’s Baby Face. It is beautiful here. We are waiting.


Ruby by Dawn & Lee / Your Princess Ruby

My name is Princess Ruby, Ruby or Ruby Tuesday. It kind of depends who you ask. Today I made a long journey to the bridge. I am very tiny and I know Mom is afraid for me. She doesn’t need to worry though Baby and Mikeal took me there. We will wait patiently for our humans to come for us.

Life was not always easy for me. Mom saved me from a very bad place. People call them Puppy Mills. We Fur babies that live in them call them hell.

I ended up losing all but one tooth. For a very long time I went everywhere walking in a circle because I was used to being in a small cage.I was very afraid. But Mom was patient with me and gave me something called Love. Soon I was walking straight and giving that love back. It was marvelous.

I spent the rest of my life being spoiled and cared for. I was also something called “The Boss”.

Unfortunately my little body just started wearing out. Mom and Dad did all they could for me. Special food & medicine and Oh So Much Love. But today I let them know I couldn’t stay any longer.

I know Mom and Dad will miss me. And I’ll miss them too. I am OK. Mikey and Baby will take care of me and I will watch over Mom and Dad.

The Grandma is writing this for me to send to Mom so she knows everything will be OK.


Baby Face by Mic / Mommy

This is not the best picture of Baby that I have. But, it is my favorite. I came to the back door to let her in and there she sat; legs too short and body too long, with dirt all over her nose. She was looking up at me, saying, “Who me? I wouldn’t be playing in the dirt pile.”

It seems she had discovered that she could take the bread I had thrown out for the birds and hide it, using her nose, in a large pile of dirt (We were doing some foundation work.) that we had in the back yard.

It made both my husband and I laugh. Something she did on a daily basis. Baby was one of the sweetest souls I’ve ever met. Her loss is a great thing. She will never be replaced or forgotten. Every day, in my heart, I see her sweet little Baby Face and think how lucky I was to have her.