Baby Face by Mic / Mommy

This is not the best picture of Baby that I have. But, it is my favorite. I came to the back door to let her in and there she sat; legs too short and body too long, with dirt all over her nose. She was looking up at me, saying, “Who me? I wouldn’t be playing in the dirt pile.”

It seems she had discovered that she could take the bread I had thrown out for the birds and hide it, using her nose, in a large pile of dirt (We were doing some foundation work.) that we had in the back yard.

It made both my husband and I laugh. Something she did on a daily basis. Baby was one of the sweetest souls I’ve ever met. Her loss is a great thing. She will never be replaced or forgotten. Every day, in my heart, I see her sweet little Baby Face and think how lucky I was to have her.


Until we meet again.
I love you Baby.
Baby Face
31, Aug 2001