Charlee by Erica and The Smith Family / Mommy, Daddy, Sydney, Graydon & Bella

Charlee was such a fun loving dog. He was full of energy and always barking to let you know he needed attention. He loved his family. His journey was a long one. He came from an animal shelter in Pennsylvania where Erica rescued him. He willingly moved to Atlanta and loved that Erica came and got him. He took the plane ride like a trooper and didn’t even mind when he had to stay in a crate to get to his new home. He had new friends and couldn’t wait to meet them. He excitedly met his new friends; a little boy who loved him, a young teen that took care of him, his new mom and dad and his bestest friend, his fellow doggy, Bella. Bella always seemed to tolerate him but deep down, she loved having him around and being able to play with him whenever she wanted. Unfortunately, this fun came to an end all too soon. One day, Charlee woke up, appeared to be himself, but he went outside and fell ill. It was clear he was not himself.

He succumbed to an unknown illness that he was carrying and his new family had to make the difficult decision a pet owner prays they never have to make….Charlee just wasn’t able to manage and he had to cross that Rainbow Bridge. He will continue to play and be full of life there. He will wait for his family to find him when their time comes. But in the meantime, Charlee can be a free spirit where he can play as much as he wants and continue to exert all the energy he can. We love you Charlee, and we miss you!!


CASSIE by Michele / Mommy

On Saturday, I lost my best friend. Her name was Cassie. She was 18.5 years old. I am told that is really long for a cat. She had hyperthyroidism and was told that she had only til the end of the summer to live. This was three years ago. She was fed twice a day to compensate for what her disease took and I guess that helped. She had a few scares in between but always managed to pull that rabbit out of her hat and stick around a little longer to brighten my day.

She loved people food. We’d been through a lot her and I. Two cross country moves, too many bad boyfriends, a failed marriage and lots of ups and downs. On Saturday, she looked at me, and with her cat eyes told me, she couldn’t do it anymore. I sat with her, held her, and told her it was all right to go be with her brother. He died almost
nine years ago to the day.

She was handicapped and couldn’t run but loved to walk and be outside. So, in her final minutes, I reassured her of my love, told her it was all right to go, and said she will be able to go and run with her brother. And in my voice that we all reserve for our pets said I love her too much and will miss her. She was gone within minutes.
I do miss her terribly.

Bye-bye Cassie, I love you too much. I miss you my pretty one. Go play with your brother Mrs. Too Tiny Too Pretty A Baby.