by Pam / Mommy

Taylor, it is hard to say how much I miss you. I still can’t believe that you are gone. I miss you so. It’s been over 2 years now since you went to the Rainbow bridge. You would have been 14 this month.

Your sister Tasha is still going strong. I still can’t believe she has been this strong and made it after you passed away. Roxie is better now. Her depression has slipped away, she can now remember the good times with you and not miss you so. Boris, well, he has stepped up and is so much like you were it is scary.
I love that little guy. Did you send him to me? It is hard to believe that you didn’t since he is so much like you in so many ways. We now have Lola, we rescued her in October.
She is something else but nothing like you.

Run and play my sweet angel until we meet again, I love you.


by Pam / Mommy

Two years

I can’t believe that it has been two years since the last time I was able to hold you. Two years since I have been able to kiss your satin like fur. Two years since I received a kiss from you. Two years since I received a hug from you.
Two years is two years too long.

I miss you everyday my sweet girl. I can never forget how you made me so happy. How you put a smile on my face when I was upset. How you would lick away any tears. How you would crawl up onto my lap and cuddle with me. I miss everything about you.

Someday I will see you again. Someday I will be able to play with you again. Someday I will be able to receive a kiss and cuddle from you again. Someday, someday.

Until then, remember always your mommy loved you more than anything. Remember our happy times and I will too. And remember to chase those squirrels.


by Pam / momma


It has been too long without you. I can not believe that it has been almost 1 1/2 yrs without. I miss you. The hurt continues, I still can not say your name. This hurt will never end. I miss everything about you. I miss the way you used to paw at me to get me to rub your chest. How you begged for food. How you use to steal tastes of my food. I miss how you curled up against my chest at night to sleep. How you use to stand on my chest to get me up in the mornings and how I used to pretend to still be sleeping but you knew better.

You knew more than anyone knew. You were so intune to how I felt; whether I was sad or upset or nerous you knew. You also knew when you couldn’t go on anymore. You told me loud and clear. I could not go against your wishes but oh how it hurt. I was not ready. I would never have been ready to lose you my love, my angel.

I am so sorry that no one could help you get over your disease. I am so sorry that I moved to this studid never would have gotten it if we didn’t live here. I’m so sorry for everything.


by Pam / mommy

It’s been one year today. One whole year of being without you. It seems so long yet it seems like only yesterday that I was holding you for the last time. I miss you so much. My eyes still fill with tears when I think of you. Where has my baby gone? You were my baby girl, my special girl. We were so connected it seemed like you always knew what was going on or how I felt. You knew when I needed some extra kisses after a bad day or when I needed a laugh. I miss you so…I will always love you my special angel….til we meet again at the bridge…


by Pam / Momma

It’s been just over 2 weeks now since my beloved Taylor died. I have cried daily for you, my big girl. Peace and acceptance that it was best for you has finally come but the emptiness stays. Everyone at the hospital has told me that it was best; we did everything that we could for you. My heart knows that it was right and that it was what you wanted. You knew you couldn’t go through anymore and I could not make you suffer. I had always told you to let me know when it was time and you did. I hope you know (and I believe you do) how much I love you and that my life will never be the same without momma’s girl here.

Your sisters and brother are doing ok. They have kept the same pack line-up; Tasha is now the head of group. I believe that somehow you told them that you were not coming back. You always had a way to know things before anyone else did.

Although, I still cry while thinking about you, I can also smile at all the warm and wonderful memories of the times we shared. You were the best, my true one and only. I will miss you, Taylor.

Make sure it say hi to Sam and let him know that Nana missing him dearly but her pack is keeping her spirits up.

Goodbye, my sweetheart and
don’t forget to chase
the squirrels.


Taylor by Pam Batista / Mommy


You were my baby girl for 11 1/2 yrs. When I got you, you were so full of energy – a non-stop puppy who got into everything! Running around like a black blur. Who would have ever thought then that you would grow up to be the smartest dog I have even known.

You knew the names to all your toys and even who Santa was and would run to check your stocking every morning before Christmas. I try to remember all the good times that we had.

You were so patient when I got your sister, Tasha. Teaching her everything that you knew. She misses you so much now. Then you got Valley Fever at 11 yrs. I knew that you were too old to fight this disease. But you tried SO hard.

All the doctors said it was a miracle that you regained use of your leg after your stroke – I thought then that was the hardest time – not knowing if you would make it or not but you did. But then 6 months later when your kidneys and liver began to fail and the vomiting wouldn’t stop I knew I had to do the hardest thing ever.

I ask myself over and over if it was the right thing to do. But then on that day, May 8, 2004, when I went to see you in the hospital your eyes said it all. I knew that you couldn’t fight any longer and it was time. I had always told you that when you told me it was time, I would honor your wishes. I wanted so much to try more and longer but I also knew that it would not be fair to you. It would only be selfish of me because I didn’t want my baby girl to leave. It was your wishes that I had to respect.

I’m so sorry, my baby girl. I miss you so much. I long for the day when I will see you again over the Rainbow Bridge; until then please run and chase the squirrels.