Taylor by Pam Batista / Mommy


You were my baby girl for 11 1/2 yrs. When I got you, you were so full of energy – a non-stop puppy who got into everything! Running around like a black blur. Who would have ever thought then that you would grow up to be the smartest dog I have even known.

You knew the names to all your toys and even who Santa was and would run to check your stocking every morning before Christmas. I try to remember all the good times that we had.

You were so patient when I got your sister, Tasha. Teaching her everything that you knew. She misses you so much now. Then you got Valley Fever at 11 yrs. I knew that you were too old to fight this disease. But you tried SO hard.

All the doctors said it was a miracle that you regained use of your leg after your stroke – I thought then that was the hardest time – not knowing if you would make it or not but you did. But then 6 months later when your kidneys and liver began to fail and the vomiting wouldn’t stop I knew I had to do the hardest thing ever.

I ask myself over and over if it was the right thing to do. But then on that day, May 8, 2004, when I went to see you in the hospital your eyes said it all. I knew that you couldn’t fight any longer and it was time. I had always told you that when you told me it was time, I would honor your wishes. I wanted so much to try more and longer but I also knew that it would not be fair to you. It would only be selfish of me because I didn’t want my baby girl to leave. It was your wishes that I had to respect.

I’m so sorry, my baby girl. I miss you so much. I long for the day when I will see you again over the Rainbow Bridge; until then please run and chase the squirrels.


Love always,
Pam Batista