Petunia by Stevie / Stevie

The time is now to go,
Im pretty sure I know,
Accross the path you went,
Mountains just spread,
But when I was with you,
They seem forever,
But now they are lost,
The flowers seemed to bloom,
But all they do is wilt,
I’m lost with-out you
See you up there
See yu up there


Chester-Lester by Janie & Stevie / Stevie

Oh Chester-Lester……………….you where such a good turtle. I am sorry that this is such a late memorial for you.

Chester-Lester, was given as a gift to my grandma. He was so tiny! When he was full-grown, you could fit him in the palm of your hand. You would always get stuck in the fence when we would let the turtles out! You where a dad more than once, but alas your babies never did hatch.

I am sorry that I never really did pay attention to you guys more…..that was my fault. But as the years went by and i got more and more closer to you. But not too close that I didn’t know that you died. But that’s not what my grandma told me. She said that you had ran away.

I went out looking for you all day and night but you never did turn up. I am sorry Chester-Lester.


Oggy by Stevie / Stevie

My dog Oggy, was with me when I was first born. She was orignally my mom’s dog, and we rescued her from two very mean people who kicked her and they wouldn’t let her out because they lived in a old apartment and they were very neglective to her. Me and Oggy would share lolly pops and we would share ice cream together! Occasinally we would find Oggy outside in the front yard going crazy and it would take forever to get her back into the house! Then we would always take her camping up to the Rockie Mountins! I have never had such a good watch dog then her! She would always love to bury her bones
outside where big holes in our yard.

Then one day we found old Oggy behind the garage and knew it was the end. I got a phone call that I thought I would never have to hear. Oggy went to the vet and the vet said that she couldn’t make it. Either we would have to find her dead outside or put her to sleep. We put her to sleep to keep her from suffering. The night of that phone call changed my life forever, and I cried all night. My mother took it hard as well. I still get a little teary not for grief but because I know Oggy lived a long 15 years and loved them and I will cherish them forever.

Oggy got cremated and her ashes spread along Pikes Peak. We had a paw print made from clay sitting on our desk watching us and
our new boxer pup Annie!


BeBe by Stevie / Mommy

I am crazy about guinea pigs! So is my mom but there is one little pig that caught our eyes-BeBe we got her from Petco a nasty place but hey it was worth it! At least for the first 3 days we had her. We made her little life worth living, we held her as much as we could plus we let her run around a whole bunch. She met the other pigs but all of our other pigs are much bigger then her so she could’nt play with them. We noticed how she breathed it alsmost sounded like a huff! But we did’nt really pay to much attention to it we just loved that pig tell the end!

She changed everyone’s lives…..Guinea pigs are truly wonderful! Alicia my best friend was there when we first got her, i named her! Alicia held her and immedietly they became good friends. Every time i would talk on the phone with her the first thing she would ask would be how are all the pigs? How is BeBe? Yes they had a close relation ship. BeBe loved to be a snuggler pig, getting under the covers and laying still watching me do homework or talking to Alicia. Then one Saturday morning while i was visiting with someone, my mom gave me a call. BeBe was at the hospital, she was on oxygen IV’s and everything there was to keep BeBe from the end. BeBe was such a sweet baby pig only 2 weeks old. Then the vet came in. BeBe let go of life that morning. My mom told me she passed away that morning, and there was nothing that we could do.

I still miss baby BeBe.She broke everyones sorry with that tender smile of her’s! I wish she was still here, so much accomplished in only 3 days. Still we do not have the body of BeBe because the vet does not know the cause of death. I wish he knew so that way we can bury her next to Petunia in the mountins up high where God can lift her tender soul and sit with petunia eating all the timothy hay in the world!


Petunia by Stevie / Mommy

My sweet baby Petunia changed my life. She was a Abbysinian guinea pig. No one really knows why she had died, but the sad thing is she died in my arms i loved that little girl the way she would kick it in your lap! One day I was sitting with her on the porch and she started to lose it. She slowly began to slip away from me and my life.I devastated when she died in my hands i kissed and cryed and held her the whole day then finally I had to let her go.