Chester-Lester by Janie & Stevie / Stevie

Oh Chester-Lester……………….you where such a good turtle. I am sorry that this is such a late memorial for you.

Chester-Lester, was given as a gift to my grandma. He was so tiny! When he was full-grown, you could fit him in the palm of your hand. You would always get stuck in the fence when we would let the turtles out! You where a dad more than once, but alas your babies never did hatch.

I am sorry that I never really did pay attention to you guys more…..that was my fault. But as the years went by and i got more and more closer to you. But not too close that I didn’t know that you died. But that’s not what my grandma told me. She said that you had ran away.

I went out looking for you all day and night but you never did turn up. I am sorry Chester-Lester.


I will always love you,
Janie & Stevie