Maggie and Molly Hilston

                                                             The Two Tornadoes

                                                               “A day in the life”

 The girlsknown as Miss Maggie and Miss Molly are the fire tested tempest duo that is forever loved. “The Terror Twins”

Maggie plays and Molly sighs “give me the ball sis” as she tries, to keep up with her sister is no easy task. You see, Molly is built for comfort, — Maggie is just plain fast.

But they play with Daddy like there’s no tomorrow. “Doggie Dive” and fetch the ball is what they know. They don’t care about the Middle East and a troubled world. In Dad’s lap is where they’ll be curled.

They run thru the snow bobbing up and down they love it so they are such clowns.

The girls” play hard, with all their might. Nary a peep from them all the night.

Molly snores, and Maggie groans. They sleep together they are never alone.

When Momma takes them on their walks, up the field to the woods and bluff.

The girls” are shining bright, tails wagging so hard their little butts fall off.

“Take me first” cries Maggie, “No me first” Molly will plead. But they both go together-Mommy in the lead.

 The day is done its supper time “Num nums Molly”, “Dinner Mags”—“the girls”—are right on time.

After dinner the thing to do, is play with Daddy the evening thru.

 “Sleepy tired” “the girls” both yawn— but come tomorrow— we’ll be up at dawn.

               A loving tribute to my babies Maggie and Molly. 

                                         Love Daddy & Mommy


Midnite by Eric, Becky & Jena Hilston / Daddy, Mommy & Jen

The Angels gave you to us

To make us happy

Then the Angels took you away from us

Not to make us sad

But rather to make you one of them

A Tribute to our Midnite

Here’s to you our “Middy Girl”,
to Mom, Jen and Dad you meant the world.

We’ll miss it when your head would cocky,
when you heard the words “car-go” and “walkie”.

They say having pets is traditional –
but the love you gave was unconditional.

You were so little with a big, big heart,
forever you will remain a part to love
and cherish the memories we had.
You were always a good dog – never bad.

The “snake dance” and the Frisbee game,
each day with you was never the same

As you would always surprise us with the things
you would do,
“digging your bed”- howling at doorbells too.

When the wind blows on the pine trees,
we will hear you whisper “don’t weep daddy,
my dish, my toy, my bed – my family,
I have had a good life”.

So here’s to you Midnite my companion and “Boodarooda”,
live well in heaven and someday
we will see your “smile” again.
We love you our loyal pet.
Sleep in peace.


You were our shining star,
You were our fearless watch doggie,
You were our evening entertainment,
You were our forever child,
You were our comfort zone,
You gave such wonderful doggy kisses,
You made us smile each day,
You made our lives complete,
We shall miss you and your happy wagging tail!


by Eric & Becky & Jena Hilston / Dad, Mom & Jena

The Christmas Holiday brings so many past memories with it.
When we reflect back we remember all those special moments we shared with our little girl doxie, Midnite.
You were a big part of our family.

This year, 2006, in your memory we hung up your special Christmas stocking on the fireplace.
Your spirit is alive and deep within our hearts.
Our new doxies, Maggie and Molly, are looking forward to Santa Dog as you always did. They can’t wait for that special treat!
They remind us so much of you.

A little Christmas tree decorates your grave site
and keeps your memory alive.

Merry Christmas Middy …… we miss you.


by Eric, Becky & Jena Hilston / Mommy, Daddy & Jena

Our Middy,

We had you for 11 wonderful years!

It has been seven months since you passed on and still our hearts ache. I don’t think a day goes by without thinking of you, especially during the holiday season.

It is almost Christmas, and we lovingly remember your sparkle whenever the Christmas tree lights would come on and
your excitement at the sight of your stocking hanging on the fireplace mantle full of goodies for Christmas day.

They say dogs are forever children ….. you were that and so much more. We now have two new dachshund puppies who are 7 ½ months old. They are learning and exploring all you knew. It helps our heavy hearts to move forward and enjoy having cute little doxies all over again. But there will be only one Midnite …… will always hold a special place in our hearts. We will treasure the memories and
sunshine days of you always.

I don’t think the hurt of you leaving us so early will ever go away, but we know you are in Rainbow Bridge waiting for us …
and that is comforting.

Maggie and Mollie often visit your grave with us in its’ special warm spot under the whispering pine trees and hear stories of you.

Sleep well our princess. We know you are watching from above this holiday season and are with us in spirit.