Maggie and Molly Hilston

                                                             The Two Tornadoes

                                                               “A day in the life”

 The girlsknown as Miss Maggie and Miss Molly are the fire tested tempest duo that is forever loved. “The Terror Twins”

Maggie plays and Molly sighs “give me the ball sis” as she tries, to keep up with her sister is no easy task. You see, Molly is built for comfort, — Maggie is just plain fast.

But they play with Daddy like there’s no tomorrow. “Doggie Dive” and fetch the ball is what they know. They don’t care about the Middle East and a troubled world. In Dad’s lap is where they’ll be curled.

They run thru the snow bobbing up and down they love it so they are such clowns.

The girls” play hard, with all their might. Nary a peep from them all the night.

Molly snores, and Maggie groans. They sleep together they are never alone.

When Momma takes them on their walks, up the field to the woods and bluff.

The girls” are shining bright, tails wagging so hard their little butts fall off.

“Take me first” cries Maggie, “No me first” Molly will plead. But they both go together-Mommy in the lead.

 The day is done its supper time “Num nums Molly”, “Dinner Mags”—“the girls”—are right on time.

After dinner the thing to do, is play with Daddy the evening thru.

 “Sleepy tired” “the girls” both yawn— but come tomorrow— we’ll be up at dawn.

               A loving tribute to my babies Maggie and Molly. 

                                         Love Daddy & Mommy


January 26/June 21 2018
Eric & Becky Hilston