Heidi by The Evans Family / Momma and Daddy


I pray you know how much your passing has left a hole in our hearts.

Momma got you for me while we were in New Orleans because I grew up with a dog just like you. You quickly became a major part of the family. For such a small dog, you had such a big presence. You didn’t take any lip from any of your “brothers or sisters” regardless of their size. And you always announced your presence when strangers came knocking on the door.

“Little Bit,” your job here is done, but please rest assured, you’ll always be here in our hearts. You have several loved ones anxiously waiting for you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. And one day, we’ll join you there. Until then, rest easy.


Ash-Lynn by The Evans Family / The Evans Family

You put up with so much while a part of this family. From a hurricane evacuation, to several moves, plus putting up with the canine members of the family,
you were such a little trooper.

You had finally started to open up
and approach us for loving,
which was such a surprise.

You can finally rest easy little girl.
You have family waiting for you.

Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.


Herbie by The Evans Family / Momma and Daddy

You were our best friend and protector for over 14 years. You brought us so much joy. You were always so excited when we came home, greeting us at the door, tail wagging. And you were so smart. All the other pets would bolt whenever they had a chance, but you would just sit there by the door with a look on your face that said, “See, I’m good.” And you were so very good. I’m so thankful we were able to take you up North so you could see snow at Christmas. Rest easy my friend, your job here is done and you’ve definitely earned it. We’ll never forget you, Herbie.

You’re at peace now, “Man”. Give our love to Mike, Missy, Dusty, DeeDee and Abu and know that you will forever be in our hearts.

Until we meet again at the rainbow bridge.


Abu by The Evans Family / Grammy and Grampy

You were another cherished member of our family, who followed us through the good and bad times. From hurricane evacuation in Louisianna, to our move to Florida. Living in a two bedroom apartment with four dogs, another cat and two ferrets, to finally moving into a house. You have finally made the journey across the Rainbow Bridge. Rest easy, our friend. Mike and DeeDee are waiting for you.


DeeDee by Michael & Wynette Evans / Mommy and Daddy

You were a major part of our family for many, many years. You’ve seen us through so many things, both good and bad. You faithfully followed us since we moved from Louisiana and put up with so much since we’ve been in Florida. But through it all, you were there for us.

You’re at peace now, Princess. Give our love to Mike and Dusty and know that you will always be in our hearts.

Until we meet again at the rainbow bridge.