Ricky by The Evans Family

We sort of saw it coming, but it wasn’t easy when you passed. You were the first dog we ever got from the shelter and I could tell on the way home that you were one happy puppy. And we have never regretted getting you.

You turned out to be the gentlest dog we could ever hope for, even with your brother and cousins giving you a hard time, Sure, there were a couple of times you stood your ground, but the majority of the time, you were so laid back.

I think the thing I will miss the most about you was supper time. I loved how you would talk to me as I prepared your food every night, even when you would “argue” with me. (I like to think I held my own with you though!)

Rest easy “BooBoo”. I know Heidi and all your predecessors are greeting you as you cross the Rainbow Bridge. One day, we’ll see you again.


We love you so very much.

Momma and Daddy

August 14, 2021
Mike & Wynette Evans