Baby by Catina McCoy / Momma

In Moonlight, I Weep

I can remember how things were before,
But mourning your loss fills my mind even more.
A thought of your softness, held close to my heart,
A flashback of burning-my mind comes apart.
I can’t seem to get it, the fact that you’re gone,
I need you to love me, to help me move on.
Who’ll lick my face, as the tears trickle down?
How can you kiss me, if you’re not around?
I miss you so badly, I wish you could see,
No pet is as special as you were to me.
Please do not think that I left you to die,
The guilt overwhelms me, I ache and I try…
I try to move on, but the hurt is so deep,
In daylight I’m numb, but in moonlight I weep.

Author: Catina McCoy

Dedicated to Baby: my son, my cat, my everything, who died in a horrendous housefire along with seven other cats on Jan 3rd, 2000.


Forever Yours,
3, Jan 2000
Catina McCoy