Baby by Danielle / Danielle

It all started out when my moms friend Vicky had a dog.

And asked my mom to come over and see it and this was

around 1991 or 1990. My mom was not told the kind of dog it was

or if it was a boy or girl!

So once she got there she was HOPING it was a Basset Hound,

alot of people mistaken her as a beagle though.

Then her friend called the dog to come out and my mom saw a little girl

baby Basset Hound tripping over her ears (how cute)

Only about a few months old!

My mom asked Vicky if she could have the Dog Vicky said ok.

So then my mom was just going out with my dad and they both

loved Basset Hounds so took her into their nice condo for a while.

They put her into the bed and they said she grunted like a little pig.

Then 1 day the people that owned the condo said they couldn’t have

her their anymore.

My parents didn’t want to give her to someone else so they gave her

to my mothers parents (I wasn’t born yet when all this happened) .

They thought she was cute but then after a while if their was company

over my mothers parents house they would tell my dog Baby

to get away and they would lock her up in this small hall I hated that.

I was only about 3 and 4 when I saw them lock her up.

And every time I would go over my grandparents house I would beg my

mother and father to bring her home because (we lived in a big house then)

they really wanted to bring her home but for some reason they didn’t.

Then finally when I was 5 or 6 they said yes!

I brought her home and I lived with my cousin aunt my mom and dad

and my cat!

My dog loved when she came to my house she was about around

she was 7 or 8 then but in great health!

Then 2 years passed by and my 7 year old cousin Marissa moved

and died because at her new house the garage fell on her neck,

I was also 7 when she died.

And I cried and cried because of that but my dog Baby helped me to stay

strong I thanked her for that!

Then quickly after Marissa died my family moved also to a new house.

It was a 2 family my aunt the mom of my cousin that died lived on the

first floor and we lived on the 2nd and 3rd

(the 3rd was just a bathroom and 2 bedrooms.)

PS after my cousin died my aunt had a baby son named Matthew.

Then after a year my aunt moved (just recently she moved!

My 1 year old baby sister and I were mad because we liked

playing with them! Then again my dog Baby helped me stay strong.

When Baby was 9 or 10 the vet said she had cancer in her back leg

and a very bad ear infection!

We didn’t want to operate on this because she might of died

after the surgery so we decided to keep her.

She slept with me came on the bed with me I trained her,

we took long walks around the block together

(short for me long for her ) since she was 11 then.

Then on February we started to look for a new dog just me

and my dad because my mom didn’t wanna look at another

dog till Baby died.

Then when me and my dad went to the pound I saw a cute dog we

signed an application for it.

Then the day we were gonna get it someone took it!

I was mad but I still had Baby but didn’t want her because she

didn’t play a lot (but in my heart I wanted her)

(I’m 9 when this is happening a few days before my birthday).

So my dad went to the vet the lady at the desk knew what my dad was

gonna do so they gave him an angry look then the lady took my

dad down the hall.

The vet tied her up and weighed her then he said I’ll be right back as

my dad was waiting he saw that adorable face.

Then the nurse saw him crying and said we can’t do anything about

the cancer but we can make her ears better and give her a bath

and get those ticks off her!

My dad said ok and when the vet came back he didn’t want to put her

to sleep but my dad told him what he was gonna do instead.

So when I came home I didn’t see her there.

Crying thinking she was dead then when she came home I was mad

because I wanted that puppy.

I was mad for about 3 days then I realized how much I loved her

and that she loved me.

And I said in my heart what was I thinking this dog is



PS: Baby will soon have to be put asleep soon so pray for her!

THIS was written February 19 2002


Love your Best Friend