BABY by Kirk and Khani Young / Khani and Kirk

This is “Baby”. Baby was our feral kitty. We loved her a lot and will miss her so so much. Baby was a funny kitty who made us laugh. She was here when we really needed a soft furry friend to pet and love. Even though Baby was a feral kitty she really loved us too. She liked us to pet her head, rub her back and feed her. She was a bit of a pig. Baby was a beautiful Kitty with bright blue eyes. She was only about 2 years old at the most and loved being outside. She was a great hunter but hated the rain. Sometimes she was a bit clumsy but that is what made her special. Tabby girl, her Auntie, will miss her most. They always played together and rubbed and cleaned each other. They were so cute together. I think Baby thought Tabby was her mommy. We loved Baby and now she is gone. She has joined Kawika, our precious Sheltie who passed away on March 18, 2005.

I hope they are playing together over the Rainbow Bridge. We will miss Baby…seeing her at the back door with Tabby, sleeping in her “pot” or on her blanket, or running through the fields to follow us home when we called her. Sweet dreams “Baby” cat. We’ll take care of Tabby for you.


Wish you were still with us...Love,
5, Oct 2005
Kirk and Khani Young