Baby Kitty by Nicki / Mommy

Babykitty was a little gray and white fluffball who was having a bad life before he was even old enough to leave his mom. He came to me because I could not let him down; those little green and yellow eyes were begging me to make it better for him. I brought him into my life and into my heart and he grew into a beautiful gray and white spoiled brat. He overcame the issues he had from the treatment he endured to become a great pet and best friend.

One day, he started moping around and not acting like himself. A worried mother that I am, I stayed up with him part of the night. Less than 24 hours later, when he wasn’t better yet, I gathered him into my arms and we made our way to the vet. His meows of pain were too much and when the diagnosis of “twisted stomach” came back and we knew that he did not have a chance, he looked up at me with those eyes and begged me to relieve his pain. I made the decision, with the help of a vet, to not allow him to suffer needlessly any more. He will always be remembered and I have learned a lesson that a life can be dramatically changed, a person can lose a best friend, and the world can seem to stop all in a day.


I love you,
Baby Kitty