Badboy by Elaine and Allen / Allan and Elaine

We got Badboy 5 years ago, and we treasured every moment we had with us. He was the highlight of our humdrum lives. He made us complete; he often scratched me when he wanted attention, but was as gentle as a lamp when he wanted to be. The night before he passed away the doctor let him come home to spent the night with us. We had spent a lot of money trying to save him but to no avail. We had to put him to sleep; it broke our heart we hated to lose our good friend. He often called us by name even though some did not belive us and no matter what time I got in late from work, he would be at the door waiting for me. I’m am going to miss my buddy so much. Financially, it will be hard to recover, but I would do it all over again without thinking about it. God will see us through. Sometimes we feel like he still around us. We will never be the same.


Sleep and take your rest we love you but god loves you best,
Elaine and Allen