Bagara by Jodi



July 1998 ----- Nov. 1999


Princess Gara

I remember so clearly the day you entered my life

I tried to resist you I tried with all my might.

‘Cause mom and dad told me soon I’d have to say goodbye

And I never realized until now that wasn’t all a lie.


You were my little sweetheart with your long black fur

And even from the beginning you were always my little girl

When you were a kitten oh how you loved to play.

But you could have sat on my lap and purred all day.


You loved getting all those special treats

But my friends and family you never wanted to meet.

You’d always wait at the door for me to come pet you.

And maybe now that’s why I am so blue.


For in an instant my world came crashing down

As I had to say goodbye to my best friend who’s now in the cold ground.

I will never understand why that road you had to cross

For with that one mistake a little princess I have lost.


I never told you goodbye but I did tell you I love you.

And now when I look towards the woods

my heart still breaks in two.

It’s taken me a long time to accept that you are gone.

But unlike the song I don’t think my heart will ever go on.


The grass at your grave is watered by my tears

It lets you know you’re loved

and I needed you for more than a year.

There is an emptiness inside me

the the acceptance of you death is forced.

I keep thinking of the last day I saw you

I never knew what was on your course.


It’s taken me six months to realize you’re not coming back.

But please know that in my heart love you’ll never lack.

And when you jump on the lap of the heavenly host

Tell him I now know miracles never really

happen when you need them the most...



I dedicate this to my best friend in the world who left us

all too early.

I know she's playing at Rainbow Bridge

and I just want to say I love you Princess

you were always the best!!!