Bandit by Erin and Tony / Erin

This girl was full of energy when I saw her in the adoption center at Petsmart. She came from Cheyenne from a family who did not want her anymore. When I adopted Bandit, I don’t think I adopted her, I believe it was more of adopting the tennis ball and Bandit just came along with it as a bonus. You could buy her a billion different toys and she would not care, just throw her ball and she was happy as a could be. Looking at her, what a great life. Didn’t have to go to work, or school and could just lay around all day long not a care in the world. There were times when I came home from class and she would be passed out on her back, feet up in the air on my bed. Looked as if she went to a bar the night before got a bit to drunk and then just passed out.

Bandit never knew she would start her life in Cheyenne stay in Fort Collins and then end up on the road 24/7. Bandit spent her final days seeing the world with her friend Tony. Yep, she drove the truck while he sat in the passenger seat barking at all the cars passing by. Tony and Bandit went all over. They would be in Texas, Virginia, Utah, California, and every few weeks come back here to see me. She may have not had the greatest puppy years but she for sure spent her last few months in heaven. A dog is a man’s best friend and Bandit and Tony were the greatest of friends. He took great care of her and of course she took care of him. Bandit came into this world as a dog fetching girl and left this world by doing what she loved best with her bestest friend in the world, Tony. Bandit, you will forever be missed and
loved but never forgotten.


Forever with Love,
Erin and Tony