Patch by Elissa N. Branum / Your Mommy and Best Friend, Elissa

When I was seven, I begged my parents for a bunny. Eventually, they agreed. After all, my mom had rabbits when she was a girl. The result was PATCH! I remember quite vividly that visit to a local rabbit breeder. I fell in love with that beautiful spotted bunny… Patch.

I later got a girl bunny… her name was Pansy and she was beautiful. I remember how sad I was when Pansy lost their first litter of baby bunnies. However, she went on to raise many lovely litters of babies. Patch & Pansy were a very successful breeding pair before they retired. I still have many of their children such as Cottontail.

After not to long, Patch got a strange condition that left him with not much fur and flappy skin. Still I thought he was beautiful and loved him more than there are words to say.

In the winter of 2004 Patch developed a dangerous foot infection. He was not expected to live long. Patch fought through it, though. Miraculously, he survived. To his great pleasure he was given a home outside his cage below our other rabbits to give comfort to his feet. He was the happiest rabbit in the world. What could be better than being free but also being loved, cared for, and protected?!

Patch lived a long, wonderful life. Recently he started showing signs of age. So I bought him a bed. He loved it! Despite his growing weakness, he still would run outside and eat grass like he did at each of the houses that we lived at. Patch was the most funny rabbit. He would run off and we had to search and search for him. He loved Patch-Hide-And-Go-Seek.

He died in his bed at his beloved home. I have a some-what photographic memory which means my mind takes photos and stores them in my brain. Sometimes it shows me the photos as clear as day. Sometimes this memory is helpful but not when you do not like the photos. Yes, my brain took a photo of my poor, dead rabbit. He will be buried in his favorite bed at the same place he used to roam.

Now if you are reading this, I will assume that you have lost a pet, too. I believe that I might be going through this so that I can help others in this hard, painful time. So remember three things:
(1) Your pet is not really gone if you remember her/him. Pets have a way of leaving unerasible pawprints on your heart so you will not forget him/her easily.
(2) Grieving is good for you. Do not ignore sadness because that will only make it last longer.
(3) You are not the only one feeling that way.

Also, as a Christian, I have hope that I will someday see my little angels again. It helps to have a supportive friend. For me it is my wonderful mom and “my” wonderful horses Arrow, Ruby and Six.

So, Patchy Boy, remember that I will never forget you. I love you so, so, so much. I always will, like I told you. Now I am turning twelve and you are five. We are best friends even though I can not hold you anymore. I am praying that you like being an angel in heaven with your Creator and that you will be waiting for me on the streets of gold. Say hi to Ruth!


With All My Love,
Elissa N. Branum