Bandit by Sarah / Mom

Bandit came to us from a wonderful breeder in Idaho. I picked him up at the airport in a tiny carrier, he was howling with rage that he had been on such a strange and lonely journey. I drove home with my fingers stuck through the kennel door and he sucked on them all the way home. The first three nights I slept with him as he cried if he was left. Then he settled in and started to terrorize our 1 year old Staffodshire Mix, Pepper.

Bandit and Pepper became partners in crime. They had such a great time together. Their favorite thing to do was go to the beach and run through the waves chasing and barking at seagulls. Bandit grew into an incredibly handsome dog, but best of all, his nature was truly the most gentle, the most funny and the most loving I had ever met. I swear he had a sense of humor. He always knew when he was up to no good, and he loved us to discover it, he literally seemed to laugh and grin at us. He loved to steal my daughter’s soft toys – he never damaged them, just collected them in his kennel.

Every day for the past 2 years I have walked into our house to be greeted by these two great dogs. Last Tuesday, Bandit got out into the street and ran straight into a Surburban. He died within 30 seconds. I was with him, telling him I was there, stroking him as he died. I try to take some peace from that but I am devastated by his death. His absence is so hard. Our house is so quiet, our other poor dog so lost. This site has helped me, knowing I’m not alone in this terrible sadness and that others understand. I will miss him forever. I would give so much to stroke his big barrel chest and have his huge paw slapped
down onto my arm demanding more.

I will miss you forever, Bandit.
I’m sorry you were cheated out of a longer life, and
that we have been cheated out
of the pleasure of sharing it with you.


Be peaceful precious darling,