Bandit by Sharon and Bob Hoel / Love,

Mom, Dad, Zyggee, Whitney, Derek, Magnum and the Kitty Cats. xxoxox


It has taken some time to write this story, we just still cannot believe our little bum bum has left us for the Rainbow Bridge. Bandit was an incredible Boston Terrier, who made us so proud.

Our beloved son and companion, Bandit, passed away due to complications of pancreatitis, a disease that came upon him so suddenly and at his age he just wasn’t able to fight it. One night he told us with his eyes that it was time to go. As we raced to our vets Bandit’s nose was next to his mom’s and we said goodbye holding him tight and looking into his eyes until he fell asleep.

Bob and I were married on Valentine’s Day in 1996. That summer we lost Rachel our Boston Terrier and found ourselves lost with no one snoring or tearing around the house.

We had Apollo and Sara who are now both at the Rainbow Bridge, you can find their stories at PFS-937 and PFS-2444, or search the Pet Family Stories using Apollo and all their stories and reflections will come up.

Bob and I spent our first Christmas together, but there was someone missing. Bob said to me that he really had wanted to get me a Boston Terrier for Christmas but saw no ads for one. I asked him if he really meant that, he said yes and within two hours I had found some puppies. I asked Bob if he wanted to get into obedience training and he said yes, so off we went to see these puppies and he chose the one he wanted. Bandit was named by his Auntie Gail.

We brought Bandit home in January 2008 and it was bitter cold. He soon learned to go in and out very quickly and once he grew up he got a custom made set of boots, coat and hat, which he tolerated knowing they were necessary. He was always a quick learner and at the age of 10 weeks he and Bob were taking obedience lessons and they did very well with Bandit getting his C.D. in a year and a little bit.

Before I go any further about his obedience training, when Bandit came home to live with us we had three Bull Terriers, Apollo, Sara and Zyggee.
Sara our middle Bully at 66 pounds was terrified of this little bundle and every time he would go toward her she would run into our spare bedroom and into her safe kennel. Well one day Bandit followed her into her kennel and when I arrived he was sitting in front of Sara looking at her. I left them alone and a little while later out came Sara her tail wagging and Bandit running to keep up to her. From that night on Bandit endured her nightly baths lying as still as he could. Bandit and the Bullies became fast friends and I know he is frolicking with Apollo and Sara at the Bridge now.

Once Bob finished training Bandit and obtained Bandit’s CD (Companion Dog Degree) I took over his training. The second level requires exercises be done off leash and includes among other things retrieving dumb bells, jumping both high and broad and a drop on recall. Bandit excelled at this obtaining his CDX (Companion Dog Excellent) and received two High in Trials, boy did we bring home stuff from his wins, chairs, a cooler, a fan, and many other things. He also got a High in Class. In May of 2004, I received a letter from the Canadian Kennel Club. When I opened it and read that he was the top obedience Boston Terrier for 2003, I let out such a loud scream in the car. Bob had just gotten a hearing aid that day and we do know that it works!

Bandit and Derek (who by now had his CD) competed in Brace at trials, where the two of them each had their own collars but there was only one leash, so they had to do the exercises together. They were show stoppers and brought the crowd to their feet. At the last trial they appeared at together as a brace team, their score was 199.5 out of 200. At this particular show, right after this brace performance, Bandit was right back in the ring for Veterans. Our beloved Obedience Judge noticed that Bandit was hot and called over to the water boy, a.k.a Bob to please bring this little guy a drink!! Once Bandit had his drink we completed the Veteran’s class and as usual Bandit didn’t let us down he got a score of 198 out of 200.

Bandit also participated in Flyball and Agility. Jumping was his favorite but unfortunately although he did have a chance to compete I blew my knee and was unable to continue with his training. But he sure did love these sports. We also tried some rally obedience, which confused me more than him. We also took a seminar in “Dancing with your dog” and found out that Bandit was a Latin boy, and at the end of the 2-day seminar Bandit and I were able to put on a cute Latin performance. Bandit also visited special people, patients and residents of hospitals and personal care homes where he would sit so quietly wherever he was needed and brightened their lives.
He certainly was a multi-talented Boston.

When he lost Apollo and Sara, he and Zyggee became very close and he could get her doing power turns just by barking and then he would dash in and rub her chest, which only got her turning faster.

Bandit did have just one fault that is common to Bostons and that is his stinkies. One night as he lay at the bottom of our bed under the covers, Bob went to turn over and lifted the covers and this smell wafted up and nearly choked him. I laughed, but Bob did get him back in a funny way.

Bandit loved life, his walks along the beach, playing with Whitney and Derek, two new Bostons who came to live with us after we lost Apollo and Sara. Oh how they raced and Zyggee was always in the centre of things. He loved to cuddle with either of us spending hours sleeping while we watched TV.

Then came our German Shepherd Magnum, and Bandit, along with Whitney and Derek would corner poor Magnum until he grew bigger and realized he could jump over them and the race was on. It was wonderful during the summer months to watch the four of them race
around the yard.

Bandit also had two house cat friends whom he tolerated but was not into snuggling up with them ha-ha.

As we look back over his life he lived life to the fullest and it was a wonderful journey right to the end. We have a special plank for him on the Boardwalk so we can visit there often. When I sent out the message that he had passed away, we had many many wonderful responses but one stands out and that person said “he sure had a great life and took you to the party”! That he did and Bob and I feel very blessed to have shared our lives with Bandit.

Our heartfelt thanks to Dr. M and Dr. K. and all the wonderful staff at our veterinary clinic who helped us through this trying time. Big thanks to our obedience trainer Val, and all our obedience friends and the Judges he appeared before in trials. To our friends thank you all for being there for us. Also a big thanks to Leonard for Bandit’s cross and lastly to In memory of Pets for this beautiful website that allows us to share our story with others.

Bum Bum, we miss you badly, you are still close by us and we know you have met up with Apollo, Sara, Rachel and Whitey. We hope that you are getting your nightly baths again from Sara.


Until we meet again at the Bridge Bandit, you are deep in our hearts and souls and another Guardian Angel watching over us. Another star shining brightly in the sky.
If you ever have a chance listen to the beautiful song “Over the Rainbow” song by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.
That is where Bandit is.
Sharon and Bob Hoel