Bandit by Vicki,Robin,Lance,Jared,Renae,Ryan,and Trevor / Your BFFL

When I first met you, you didn’t let me pick you up. And then you gained my trust and I gained yours. When I rode my bike you and your mom would always be behind me. You both would follow me where ever I went. I’m saying past tense words about your mom
because I moved to TN.

I remember your way of begging for food was standing on your hind legs, (more like sitting down), but you would sit up like a prairie dog and put on your sweet and innocent face. So I would be tempted to give you some food. And then you would come into my room when I was sad, and hop up on my bed, (and since your small), you would sit on my belly and lick my tears away.

I could never get depressed with you around. I could talk to you about anything because I knew you could never tell anyone since you couldn’t talk. I loved you so much and I still do.
I’ll never forget you.

And this is where I’ll stop my story because I can’t stop crying and it’s hard for me to see the letters on the keyboard. But I, (we), still love you no matter what. And I hope you’ll always remember me.

I love you always and forever!!!!


Love always,
Vicki,Robin,Lance,Jared,Renae,Ryan,and Trevor